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SSRS: Bookmarks

SSRS bookmarks are customized navigational links in the report. The bookmark can be any string, but it must be unique in the report. If the bookmark is not unique, a link to the bookmark finds the first matching bookmark.

You can create only a link inside your report. If you need a link to another report use> Action > Go to report


I want to create a Master report (Report 1 on the picture) with two years > text boxes. When you click on one of these text boxes, you'll be transferred into a report containing more data for the particular year. (Report 2 for year 2018)

  1. insert the tables

  2. add page breaks

  3. add bookmarks

Step 1

Data source: sample data


SELECT Year([OrderDate]) orderyear







FROM [Test].[dbo].[salesCat]

Step 2

Create two reports to display the details by year.

In the Master report I have 2 text boxes with years 2018 and 2019. If I click on 2018 I'll be linked to the report WHERE YEAR([OrderDate]) = 2018..

Step 3

Create 3 dataset and insert 3 tables.

In the following steps, I will have to insert a page breaks and then define the bookmarks

Step 4

I need a page break after the first table. Right click on the table > Tablix Properties...

Add a page break after.

Step 5

For the second table Sales2018, add a page break after.

Sales2019 doesn't need any page break.

Step 6

Now we need to define the bookmarks and it is done.

Create a bookmark for the first table. The tables are divided by the page breaks so it really doesn't matter on which element the bookmark will be created.

Click on the text box, press F4 for properties > Other: write something in the field. [master]

Step 7

Click on the table Sales2018, press F4 > create a bookmark 2018

Step 8

Click on the table Sales2019, press F4 > create a bookmark 2019

Step 9

After I have created the bookmarks, I need to go to Text Box Properties > Action and select the bookmark for the text box 2018 and 2019.

Step 10

I added 2 pictures and linked them with the 2018 text box.

Report preview

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