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  • Marek Vavrovic

SSRS: Report Items: List

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Data source : NorthWind database


Select c.Country,



SUM(od.Quantity) Quantity,

SUM(od.UnitPrice) UnitPrice

from Customers c

inner join Orders o

on c.CustomerID = o.CustomerID

inner join [Order Details] od

on od.OrderID = o.OrderID

group by Country,City,CompanyName

order by Country,City;

Demo: Create a Group on Page

Step 1

Add List to the report

Step 2

Drag the field Country inside the list and Preview the report

List will return all the values form the Country field as a list. This list is not unique yet. To retrieve the distinct values from the list I must group the details by Country.

Step 3

  1. Right click on the Group Properties

  2. General > Add Group on: Country

Preview the report

Now I have a distinct list of countries.

Step 4

Go to Row Groups window, right click on the Details > Group Properties

Add Page Breaks > Between each instance of a group

Add Sorting > Sort by Country

Preview the report

I have created a Page Group, each country is on different page. Now I need to add a table inside this list.

Step 5

Right click inside the List Item and insert a table. Drag couple of fields inside that table.

Step 6

Basic report with a group on the page

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