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SSRS Loan Statement

Using T-SQL Stored Procedure to create a report in Power BI Report Builder.

Data set: Using T-SQL to create a bank loan statement (

Execute dbo.sp_LoanAmount

@LoanAmount= 150000,, @RateOfInterest = 1.7, @TimePeriod= 20

(Rate of interest 1.7 = 1.7% Time period is in years)

This is the first and last page of the report.

Report Body.

Each parameter contains a default value. After running the report, it starts rendering straightaway.


="Generated at " & Format(Globals!ExecutionTime, "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") & " UTC"

& vbCrLf & "Page " & Globals!PageNumber & " of " & Globals!OverallTotalPages

vbCrLf = line break; the rest are global variables.

="Rate Of Interest: " & Format((Parameters!RateOfInterest.Value)/100,"P2")

="Loan Cost: " & Format((Parameters!LoanAmount.Value * Parameters!TimePeriod.Value * Parameters!RateOfInterest.Value) / 100, "C0")

="Last Payment: " & Max(Fields!CalendarDates.Value, "DataSet1")


If you want to publish this report to Power BI services, you need PPU licence (premium per user).

13/04/2022 paginated reports are not available for Publish to Web. You can publish it only within your organization.

You must:

1. registre Power BI services in Report Server Configuration Manger

2. sing in in SQL Server Reporting Services

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