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Import .CSV files from web site

Data Refresh - Expression.Error column not found

Covid-19 Dashboard

AdventureWorksDW2017 Dashboard

Wide World Importers Dashboard

Slovakia covid-19

DAX measures for Covid-19

Tesla 2009-2020 Financial reports analysis

Covid 19 Dashboard (OWID)

Huffner Textile Dashboard

Northwind dashboard

File System Task

Sequence Container

Execute SQL Task

For Loop Container

Foreach Loop Container

Project Deployment Model

Slowly Changing Dimensions

Lookup Transformation

Derived Column

Union All vs Merge Transformation

Merge Join

Incremental Load

SSIS Access is denied

Expressions, Parameterized con.

SCD using Lookup and Conditional Split

Append tables 

Power BI




Data Source , Data Set in SSRS

Tabular Report with Wizard

Grouped Report with Subtotals

Grouped Report with Drilldown

List: Group on Page

List: writing a letter

Headers on Each Page

Table rows on a single page

Running Total

Parameter: Get values from query

Parameter : Boolean

Parameter: Cascade

Drill Through Report

Create a Bookmark

Stored Proc with IN operator

Create a Sub Report


T-SQL Stored Procedure

Grouping and summarizing


Joins with DAX

Unrelated tables, TREATAS

Filter Functions, part one

Filter Functions, part two

Information functions, part one

Information functions, part two

Creating a Date dimension table

Time intelligence functions, part 01

Time intelligence functions, part 02

Time intelligence functions, part 03

Time intelligence functions, part 04

Customers Analysis

Mixed Scenarios

Disconnected table

Cohort Analysis



BI Solutions

1.1 HuffnerTextile - Relational Database

1.2 HuffnerTextile - Data Warehouse

1.3 HuffnerTextileDW - Initial data load

1.4 HuffnerTextile - Tabular Model

1.5 HuffnerTextile - MDX

1.6 HuffnerTextile - Data Visualisation

Update table using JOIN

Bank Loan Stored Proc

CDC Insert operations

BI Solution

Excel - Power Query


How to Import Data from a Website to Excel

Append tables using M code

Append with different culture formats

Append tables using a function

Rolling average / total using power query

Custom function: NetWorkingDays

LAG and LEAD using power query

Power Query - Extracting web data